By quality and features “Spayka Plastics” products are one of a kind in the region and CIS countries. 

    “Spayka Plastics” trademark boxes and pallets are made from high quality ecologically clean polystyrene foam. German renowned “KURTZ” company’s advanced technologies and equipment are used in the production. 

By quality and features “Spayka Plastics” products are in full compliance with European criteria
and International standards, and are one of a kind in the region and CIS countries.


Models of boxes and pallets are designed for transportation of fruits, vegetables, fish and other food. 


Main features of the boxes:

   Lightness and strength

   By virtue of using polystyrene, the boxes are considerably light and strong. The weight ranges from 200 to 300 gram.



   Necessary ventilation between the space and food occurs through the holes.


   Available dimensions

    The boxes dimensions are: 400*300*162mm, 400*600*90mm, 400*600*110mm, 400*600*150mm, 400*300*200mm, 400*1200*301mm: 

 Main features of the pallets:

   Safety and strength

   By the virtue of using high-quality raw material, the pallets have the highest resistance factor of deformation and breakage. 



   There are no phytosanitary requirements for exporting and importing this kind of pallets.


     Sanitary state

  Pallets are made from the ecologically clean row material and in full compliance with food industry International standards.  Pallets are washable and ensure cleanliness: they do not have or spread bacilli and bacteria. In addition they are moisture-resistant, nonporous and protected from bacilli, pests, bacteria and mold.


    Available dimensions

   The pallets weight does not exceed 3 kilograms. Dimensions are 1200*1000mm, 1200*800mm.

  • EPS packaging