• 2001

    “Spayka” LLC was founded as a freight forwarding company, and it has since chosen cargo transportation between the RA and CIS countries as its core activity. 

  • 2002

     Geographic expansion of shipment networks.
     Started to provide customs clearance services.

  • 2004

    The International Road Transport Union named “Spayka” the best carrier in the CIS. 

  • 2006

       Seeking to expand into sea cargo transportation services, “Spayka” signed a Bilateral Agreement with Bulgarian ferry operator “Somat,” linking the Black Sea ports of Burgas, Poti and Novorossiysk.  As a result “Spayka” operates most of the latter’s routes.

  • 2007

      “Spayka” becomes the official sales representative in Armenia, Georgia and Iran of “CARRIER TRANSGOLD,” the leading American producer of refrigeration equipment. 

  • 2008

        To facilitate fruit and vegetables storage, “Spayka” constructed a cold storage complex by British special technology.
        Acquisition of 15 new “IVECO” trucks with refrigeration units.

  • 2009

       Exporting and trading fresh fruits and vegetables under the “Araratfruit” trademark.
       Concluding supply contracts with Armenian farms. 

  • 2010

    Replenishment of 60 “VOLVO” trucks.
    Construction of a 10,000 tons new refrigeration complex, with German and Italian technologies.  
    “Spayka” acquired an Italian automated line to facilitate fruits and vegetables sorting.
    Establishment of “Spayka Plastics” packaging trademark.
    Implementation of GPS satnav system for tracking cargo along the entire route in real time.

  • 2011

    “Spayka” launched the “Araratfood” trademark; canned fruit preserves and juices, in compliance with international standards.
    Fleet expansion; acquisition of 50 new “VOLVO” tractor units.

  • 2012

    Production of wooden boxes by European technologies and in compliance with International standards.
    “Spayka” becomes the official representative of “VOLVO” and “KRONE” in Armenia.

  • 2013

    “Spayka” expands by purchasing additional premises at 70/18 Bagratunyats Ave., equipped with state of the art European technologies.
    Purchase of cutting edge production lines to sort fruits and vegetables.
    Construction of a new 12,000 tons cold storage facility equipped with modern European technologies.
    “Spayka” was the first company in Armenia to introduce Customer Relations Management (CRM) system in the Armenian transport sector.

  • 2014

    Conclusion of long-term contracts with large Armenian farms to expand the export of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • 2015

    Setting up new production of  juices, canned food and fruits. 
    Creation of a high quality VOLVO  TRUCKS 24/7 service center.

  • 2016

    Purchase of 100 new ''VOLVO'' vehicles.
    Appointed official representative of “SHMITZ CARGOBULL” in Armenia.