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President visits Yerevan-based Spayka LLC and a number of enterprises in Ararat marz
President visits Yerevan-based Spayka LLC and a number of enterprises in Ararat marz

President Serzh Sargsyan visited today Yerevan-based "Spayka" LLC, an international transportation company. The president toured the company, familiarized himself with the ongoing works, the investments underway and development programs, according to which in 2015 Spayka LLC plans to put into operation a workshop saturated with Italian fruits and vegetables recycling technologies with production capacity of more than 40 million packages a year, which will provide additional 100 jobs (presently the company employs about 300 people). An investment of about 4 million USD has been made in the workshop construction. According to the executives, the company intends to double its exports from 2016 to 2017, by attracting additional investments to buy new trucks and found new greenhouses and refrigeration complexes. In 2015, the company also plans to put into operation a service center for trucks, refrigeration semi-trailers and aggregates of the Armenian branches of Volvo, Renault, Bernard, Krone and Carrier, which will provide additional 25 jobs with the help of retrained specialists (the total cost of investments will comprise about 2 million USD). In Spayka, Armenia’s president also familiarized himself with the construction works of the mentioned center.

All in all, as a result of more than 30-million-dollar investments made by the company in the areas of agriculture and transport, a stable mechanism was set up to realize fresh and recycled Armenian agrifood in industrial volumes.


Source: http://www.president.am/