«Spayka» is seeking new heights and always ready for healthy competition

"Spayka" LLC  is the leading agricultural holding in the region. "Spayka" is engaged in producing various types of agricultural products. The company is the leading Armenian freight forwarding company in the international sphere and the exporter of delicious fruits and vegetables to CIS, Gulf and European countries.  

"Spayka" has begun exporting and trading fresh fruits and vegetables to CIS and Europe countries since 2007. In 2009  "Araratfruit" trademark was launched, which over the years has become the calling card of the Armenian sundrenched flavor fruits and fresh vegetables. 


At present, "Spayka" is the biggest exporter of the Armenian agrarian production, the company has become the main exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from Armenia (70% share).




To position the company in the market as highly competitive one, as well as for its comparable taste and appearance, "Spayka" has acquired the cutting edge production lines for sorting and packaging fruits and vegetables.

In 2020, the company receives the highest quality certificate for compliance with the international food safety standard - BRC food safety and packaging.


Due to the European ecologically clean material from polystyrene foam and the German renowned company "KURTZ"’s wide range of packaging equipment, one of a kind in the region production of polystyrene boxes and pallets has been launched. Mechanisms for extending the fruits and vegetables life cycle have been developed. An A class refrigaration complex with the thermoregulation capacity of  12,000 tons has been constructed.


In 2014 "Spayka" builts of region's largest modern greenhouse complex of 55 hectares in Shahumyan community of Ararat district. Greenhouse household exploitation provides more than 300 employment in Ararat district villages.



On account of the introduction of new production of braised fruit preserves, juices and canned food in 2015, "Spayka" plans to purchase and sell 20,000 tons of agricultural products annually. The annual production capacity is 42 mln. cans.

The company maintains its own fleet of more than 320 vehicles by the world-renowned maker such VOLVO. In addition, "Spayka" is the official distributor of VOLVO, CARRIER TRANSICOLD, SHMITZ CARGOBULL companies in Armenia.

In 2016 the VOLVO 24/7 service center has been launched.



Since 2016 "Spayka" has established Intensive orchards on the square of 500 hectares in the villages of Armenia: Shenik, Alapars.


We have also launched to grow open – field crops including radish in Haghtanak village of Tavush region providing 200 new jobs, warehouses and production space.



In 2018 the company builds the biggest greenhouse using semi-closed technologies in the world engaging 50 hectares space in the Shengavit district in Yerevan.  There are created more than 800 new jobs.

The Greenhouse Complex of "Spayka" is certificated with Global Gap and  ISO 22000:2005 management systems.


In 2019 "Spayka" launches a Cheese Factory equipped with state-of-the-art technology with over 2. 000 tons of product per year.

"Sambiel Cheese Production" is certified according to the needs of international standards of quality ISO 9001:2019.



Spayka LLC has invested more than 300 million in Armenian agriculture.



New goals and prospective projects are on the horizon.

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