"Sambiel" Blue Cheese - new visiting card of Armenia

The soft blue cheese "SAMBIEL" is made in Armenia on the height of 2000-2500m above sea level. Obtaining an ecologically natural product is promoted by Alpine pastured, fragrant motley grass, tasty and clear water.

The combination of German technologies and Armenian highlands gives the cheese "SAMBIEL" a truly unique and incomparable taste…



The cheese factory of "Spayka" is certified according to the needs of international standards of quality ISO 9001:2019. The certification is accredited by WICAAS (World Independent Conformity Assessment Accreditation Services). The compliance of sanitary norms and the ecologically flowless milk guaranties the base of obtaining a qualified and certified products.




"SAMBIEL" is a group of cheeses, having blotches of green-blue color that is given by mycelium of noble mold (Penecillium roqueforti). The pieces of the mold give a special sharping flavor and a reasonable pleasant taste. The production of milk products corresponds to all the international standards and sanitary norms. The industrial premises of the factory are stocked by automatic lines of cleaning and are equipped by the last standards of technology.



The advantage of "Spayka" is the work done with pasteurized unrefined cow milk. The fact, that the company works daily over the raw material, passing the stock, confirms the uniqueness of the product. Gourmets appreciate the blue cheese for their highly expressed taste, but for having a more emphasized merits of this delicacy, it is important to accomplish it with other products wright.



The blue cheese "SAMBIEL" has a highly expressed taste that means it is to be served with a beverage alike, as for example with strong and tannic wine. The blue cheese, as a rule, is to be stand to the room temperature before serving and presented with bread or crackers and fruits, the sweetness of which is complementing its salinity and sharpness of the taste. That kind of combination is already classics.

  • Packaging- 2,5 kg of circle, 1,2 kg of circle, 100 g of piece
  • Productivity- more than 2 000 tones a year
  • Markets- CIS, Europe, Gulf Countries

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