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Karen Karapetyan briefed on enterprise development plans in Ararat Marz

The Prime Minister’s trip to Ararat Marz wrapped up in Shahumyan’s greenhouse compound, which was founded as early as in 2014 to cultivate 30 hectares of greenhouse tomatoes and 50 hectares of radish. 

Upper Lars checkpoint closed, Armenia agricultural products to be exported via ferries

The Upper Lars checkpoint at the Georgia-Russia border was temporarily closed on Thursday, and due to adverse weather conditions.

Araratfood to double its apricot procurement

Araratfood Company will double its apricot procurement to 5,000 tons and will start exporting fruit juices and stewed fruits to Russia and CIS countries, Hamlet Tadevosyan, head of Araratfood (included in Spayka Holding) told journalists on Wednesday.



The Armenian government has awarded today a three-year VAT payment deferment to "Spayka" company after it has pledged to invest 7.6 billion drams in the purchase of 200 trucks, economy minister Artsvik Minasyan said.

Krone adds up trailer sales in Armenia within the Eurasian Union

Krone has been increasing trailer sales in Armenia after the country joined the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), Mr Dan Schnick, export manager of Krone for Eastern Europe and Central Asia region, told Armenia News –